Results of Who Was Evicted From Big Brother

Who Was Evicted From Big Brother Results

The results of who was evicted from Big Brother tonight has reached a conclusion.  Dan has been evicted! There were 3 possibilities for eviction from the housemates. Sam Evans, Sophie Lawrence and Dan Neal were accidentally nominated by the housemates earlier in the week. The guys in the house thought they were voting to send them to the safe house and to win immunity. However, Big Brother revealed that this was “secrets and lies” and that in reality the housemates nominated to be saved were in fact up for evictions. Confused! I hope not. Sam and Sophie went to the safe house. They then had to vote for who they wanted to save with them in the safe house. They nominated Dan. But that meant he was now up for eviction!

Results of Who Was Evicted From Big Brother

Results of Who Was Evicted From Big Brother

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Results of Who Was Evicted From Big Brother

Tonight, Big Brother host Emma Willis announced to the housemates that in fact, those in the safe house were the ones up for eviction. Sam, Sophie, Dan and the other housemates looked shocked. They were rocked. This is the first time ever this has happened in the shows history. It sure has caused some controversy too. The public have expressed their concern. However, BB producers reiterate that this is the “secrets and lies” series.  Although some of the public were upset over this new twist, the nominations are always made by the housemates themselves, as in this case.

Big Brother Eviction Results

Following Emma’s announcement Sam was more confused than the others due to his hearing impediment.  The program went to a break and Callum was able to explain to Sam what was happening. After the break Emma announced the eviction results. Dan was then evicted from the BB house.

There hasn’t been this much controversy in the house since Daley was forcefully evicted. See Big Brother UK Daley interviewed by Emma Willis

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