Apply to be on Big Brother 2014

Apply to be on Big Brother 2014

Apply to be on Big Brother 2014 and fulfill your dreams.

Apply to be on Big Brother 2014

Apply to be on Big Brother 2014


Applications to be on Big Brother 2014

Many people ask the question where can they apply to be on Big Brother 2014. Please send all your friends etc here for this information. A simple application is required first. Then people are offered the opportunity to come to interviews at major towns within the UK

London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Newcastle, Cardiff, Belfast and Liverpool and others too.

Apply to be on big Brother 2014

The application form is for Big Brother 2014, to get an idea about whether you would be suitable as a housemate. It is really important that you read the form properly and fill in the details accurately and honestly. All applicants that have deliberately been untruthful or withheld relevant information will be disqualified.

Life in the House

During each program of the series, the Housemates are given a variety of tasks by Big Brother 2014 which test them in many ways. Also, they are put to the test by their own ideals, prejudices and opinions of which they have against other people from different walks of life; something that has survived from the original “social experiment” of Big Brother 1. House mates live in the communal House and share cooking and cleaning chores among themselves, which usually provides plenty of tension. Housemates are not allowed to sleep during daylight hours(unless unwell) – Big Brother 2014 plays the wake-up call persistently in the morning if housemates do not wake up and will play an alarm clock noise into the house if a housemate falls asleep during the day. Participants must also live by the fundamental rules of Big Brother 2014. Should the rules be broken it can result in formal warnings, various punishments or even a housemate’s removal from the House.

Big Brother Channel 5 2014 is a major TV series. We hope you have fun applying and look

forward to seeing you at the interview stage.

 Click here for Big Brother Channel 5 application form

We hope that you enjoy this posting. Please feel free to send details of this page to anyone you feel would be suited for Big Brother.  Be a friend and pass on these details on how to apply to be on Big Brother 2014.

23 Responses to Apply to be on Big Brother 2014

  1. Ryan Cumberland says:

    I am applying for big brother 2012 you have just gotta get me on it !!!

  2. please let me get in big brother coz i want to coz its my first time on tv and i wud love it if u picked me i wud be an awesome houseguset u watch and see

  3. Adam Murphy says:

    ‘lifes pretty shit at the minute…being 18 and working in tesco just isn’t doing it for me’ i told my mom…so she told me to go in big brother and to be honest….i promise myself every series i would never watch the show because I think its shit…. but I always seem to get sucked into it… so I thought I might as well apply… I know I most likely wont get in….but fuck it, might as well try, you only live once and it would be a great experience, so yeah…thats why I should be in the big brother.

  4. nicki says:

    i turn 18 in march and want to apply, will i be allowed? Also can two people apply together as one? :)

  5. nicki johnson says:

    i want u to accept my application because am fun,sexy and am going to make this year very very interesting and fun… trust me am the best house mate ever, i dont care what people say…

  6. JAME says:

    Benj or whatever your screen name says, yeah anthony’s sentence makes no SENSE. But, since your commenting on peoples grammer over the internet, learn to spell correctly and use the correct context of a word when refereeing someones internet grammer.

  7. author says:

    comment great!

  8. Jodiee Hart says:

    I Once got a call back to attend a private audition. It was just my luck at that point that my ID Never arrived in time. When are the next auditions now? Have the 2012 housemates been selected? I Think personally I can bring a new twist. I’d love to follow in the footsteps of Nadia almada and once again have a TS running on live media. People should just be themselves and enjoy life and I Think i’d be pretty amazing in the house. I could actually quite the cigs whilst am at it. Big brother = My Rehab for smoking HA!!

    • Admin says:

      Hi Jodiee The housemates have been selected – except the 3 the public will vote for. Take a look at my last post for details.

  9. colette says:

    I’m a Geordie & proud, I’m 37 & have 2 lush kids, i nearly died when i was 30 from viral encephalitis, that’s why i love life be nice forgive and love, I am funny ( well i know i am)! love having a laugh even at myself, infact at myself the most, be happy,, smile it’s contaigous, love being with the lasses. However i do….have epilepsy and did forget my whole life,,,, but on a positive note ha, i think it would be good for the show to bring me in just for a couple of see if the public like me, if not al gan on my hols. :-)

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  11. Anonymous says:

    How old do you have to be?? And can two people audition as one?

  12. Daisy says:

    How old do you have to be?? And can two people audition as one?

  13. stacey says:

    id loved to be on big brother 2014 it seems like alot of fun n gives u alot of confidence, im a very shy person n let ppl walk all over me so id love to be on the show.

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